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Surplus stock of inventories of plants and businesses.

Date of addition: 06.06.2017
Company:   PE REMSNAB
Constantly buying:
1.Metizy (nuts, bolts, screws, washers, growers, rivets duralumin, aluminum and iron, screws, nails, furniture bolts, screws, pins);
2.Santehnika (valves, faucets, valves, elbows, sleeves, tees, lock nuts, elbows, bends, valves);
3.Hoztovary (locks, fire grate, furnace doors, hinges and door and window, sazhetruski, door and window handles, forks, spoons, bottle openers, capping machines, chains for animals, hemp ropes, cords cotton, meat grinders, knives grinder);
4.Instrumenty (keys, files, screwdrivers, drills, chisels, hammers, pliers, skive, taps, lathe chucks, dies, Pneumatic, Pneumatic, calipers, wheels, felt, crowbars, shovels, hoes, axes, forks, rakes, etc.);
5.Stroymaterialy (nails, wire mesh netting, paint, barbed wire, glass blocks, roofing material, galvanized sheet, wire, electrodes, etc.);
6.Elektrobytovye products (heaters, coffee grinders, grinder, irons, boilers, lights, heating spirals, quartz tubes, pumps, elektroshashlychnitsy, food processors etc.);
7.Rezino products (tehnoplastina in rolls and sheets, sponge rubber, conveyor belt, HP and LP sleeves, cuffs, gaskets, belts, hoses, fire hose, etc.);
8.Izolyatsionnye materials (Glass tape, glass fiber, plexiglas, teflon, asboshnur, PVC pipe, asbolist, gland packing, tape fum, hard rubber, electrical tape, vinyl liner, electrocardboard, graphite, etc.);
9.Himikaty (offer everything can be expired);
10.Syre (polypropylene film, paper, paperboard in rolls or sheets, and more);
11.Avtomatika (contactors, switches, buttons, machines, transformers, knife switches, signal fixtures, lamps, appliances, chokes, ammeters, voltmeters, insulators, relays);
12.Radiodetali (Offer all);
13.Svetilniki (lamp holders, ballasts, sockets, chokes);
14.Lampy (industrial, domestic, automobile);
15.Podemnye mechanisms (hoist, hoist, winch, crane girders, gantry cranes, crane pioneer, hips, hooks, Chalky, thimbles, wire rope, chain);
16.Oborudovanie (electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, blowers, chain, etc.);
17.Provoda, cable, metal, cords, belts;
18.Spetsodezhda (gowns, gloves, suits slave, shoes, belt assembly, galoshes dielectric, suits l-1, PPE-resiratory, glasses, filter elements, masks, helmets, canvas, felt, Lining materials, etc.)
We will consider all offers.
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